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Philips HeartStart HS1 Paket 3 Philips HeartStart HS1 Paket 3, Vitt skåp Skyltar för att märka upp hjärtstartare Räddningskit med andningsmask vid hjärtstopp

Heartstart HS1 - Package 3, with bag and alarm cabinet (indoor)

16 000 kr
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Product Description:

HeartStart HS1 - Package 3 includes a storage solution with a stylish green or white metal wall cabinet. This is our best-selling package of the model Philips HeartStart HS1 defibrillator.

The cabinet is equipped with a battery-powered alarm in the form of a siren that is activated when the door is opened. The alarm can be deactivated if you do not want this function.

Color: Green
Dimensions: Width 38 cm x Height 38 cm x Depth 20 cm
Operation: The alarm is operated with 2 x 1.5 V batteries / Model AAA

The defibrillator is stored in its bag for quick transport and contains a D-CPR kit with protective equipment such as a breathing cloth, protective gloves and disinfecting wipes as well as clothes scissors, a razor and compresses that facilitate the application of electrodes. A sign and sticker are included to mark the place where the defibrillator is stored.

The cabinet is available in green and white.

The Philips HeartStart HS1 is an excellent defibrillator for the office or home environment. It is easy to use and with a calm, clear voice guides the user to a successful defibrillation and CPR.


The defibrillator self-tester checks all important functions daily, weekly and monthly according to a special schedule, including battery test and checking electrodes, also function. The HeartStart HS1 has a battery capacity of at least 200 defibrillations or 4 years of standby time from the time the battery is activated.


  • HeartStart HS1
  • Carrying case
  • Wall cabinet with alarm in metal (green/white)
  • Electrode cassette
  • Battery
  • D-CPR kit
  • Emergency sign "Defibrillator"
  • Sticker "Defibrillator"
  • Instructions for use
  • Support Agreement
  • 8 year warranty on the defibrillator
  • Security insurance for 12 months

Support agreements include installation instructions, maintenance issues, recovery maintenance after use, functional assistance and spare parts issues. We also remind you when it's time to change the electrodes or battery.

Security insurance for 12 months is included free of charge. For more information, read PDF First Aid Sweden Defibrillator insurance under "Documents".

Dust/water resistance: IP21 (without case/storage)
Shelf life of the electrodes: 2 years
Battery life: 4 years (standby mode)



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