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CPR with defibrillator

The training aims to give the participants basic knowledge of cardiac arrest with cardiopulmonary resuscitation and review of defibrillator/defibrillator.​

Need a training/course in English? We can offer this training in both Swedish and English. 

Suitable for

All target groups, workplaces and private individuals

Target group adaptation

The training takes into account different age groups, can also be adapted to Children's CPR and according to your wishes and needs.


about 1.5 hours


The training is conducted by a certified instructor and according to First Aid Sweden's training policy with 70% practical exercises and 30% theory.

Number of participants

Recommended maximum 12-14 participants per group and instructor


First Aid Sweden trains nationwide and can come out to you. For individual people, we offer open courses in Stockholm. Click here to see dates and times for open courses.


Cardiopulmonary rescue

- Why CPR

- The first critical minutes

- The chain that saves lives

- Check vital signs

- Create an open airway

- Sound the alarm in the right way

- Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in case of cardiac arrest

Airway stoppage

- Identify and correct airway obstruction


- Information

- Demonstration

- Device review

- Use of a defibrillator in a safe and effective manner

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Non-profit associations receive a discount on regular course prices.


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