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Facility manager fire alarm

The goal of the training is for you to gain knowledge of current regulations on fire and evacuation alarms. You will also gain an insight into how you are responsible for the care and maintenance being carried out, while at the same time minimizing the number of false alarms by working on a systematic approach. Finally, you must be able to handle both fire alarms and fault alarms as well as carry out monthly and quarterly tests of automatic fire alarms.

Need a training/course in English? We can offer this training in both Swedish and English.

Suitable for

All types of workplaces

Target group adaptation

The training takes into account the organisation's risks, scope and conditions.


about 6-7 hours including breaks.


The training is carried out by a qualified fire protection technician

Number of participants

Recommended maximum 12-15 participants per group and instructor


First Aid Sweden trains nationwide and can come out to you. We can also offer training premises in Stockholm.

Educational content

- Laws and regulations regarding fire and evacuation alarms

-Care and Maintenance

-The facility manager's duties

-The structure and function of the fire alarm

-Alarm storage, alarm organization

-Orientation and service drawings

-Monthly and Quarterly exams

-Unnecessary alarms and actions

-General fire knowledge and preventive fire protection work

- Disconnection, safety regulations

-Practical review and practice on site equipment


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