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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

First Aid Sweden offers two-day training in First Aid for Mental Health. The training is conducted by instructors trained by NASP, National Center for Suicide Research and Prevention of Mental Illness (Nationellt Centrum for Suicidforskning och Prevention.

Most people know that First Aid is about being able to save lives in a life-threatening situation. Just like CPR & first aid  in case of acute physical illness, there is a First Aid training for various psychological crisis states, with an action plan. First aid for mental health aims to save lives by increasing knowledge about mental illnesses, suicide attempts and suicide. By taking a number of simple measures in an emergency situation, one can prevent the condition from worsening or improve the chances of recovery.

MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) is carried out on behalf of Socialstyrelsen and NASP.

The training is available with a focus in the following area:

Mental Health First Aid Adults
 Mental Health First Aid Youth
 Mental Health First Aid Elderly

Goal of the training

The goal of the training in first aid for mental health is to increase knowledge about mental illness and mental disorders in order to reduce prejudice and stigmatization. Considering how common it is with mental illness, it is more likely to meet a person with mental problems than to end up in a situation where you get to use your skills in physical lifesaving.

To take part in statistics and read more about research and prevention: NASP 


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Individual participants can book an >open course< or fill in the form on the page.

Suicide line (MIND) - For those who seeks urgent help or information, click here. 


Suicide Prevention Day 2022 - Every year on September 10, Suicide Prevention Day is observed worldwide with the aim of talking about and increasing knowledge about suicide prevention.

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