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Our costumers

First Aid Sweden educates all target groups throughout Sweden, large and small organizations, parent groups and associations. Our training courses follow the Swedish CPR Council's guidelines on First Aid and CPR and were last updated in 2021 by the Swedish CPR Council.

The course material is always of high quality and we create situations that are realistic and can arise in your particular business so that you can practice as realistically as possible so that the knowledge will be present even long later. You are welcome to contact us for evaluations and reference documents.

Education concept
First Aid Sweden works with a 70-30 concept. It is based on 70% practical exercises and 30% theory. Studies show that people who get to work more practically interspersed with theory have higher and better learning. We work with high-quality material during the courses so that everyone can practice as much as possible, as close to reality as possible.

Increased survival
Our wish is that everyone who comes across someone injured dares to intervene. It is our duty to help each other and helping each other does not have to be difficult. Sometimes it can be enough to just stop, ask if the person needs help, stay and hold their hand while waiting for professional help. With practical exercises, where you practice different scenarios, you learn how to easily help with simple means


What does our costumers say about us?

Name: Susannah Kearsley
Organisation: Södertörns Miljö- och Hälsoskyddsförbund
Place: Stockholm
First Aid and CPR

​I want to thank you for a fantastic training in first aid! Incredibly educational and well executed! I find it hard to understand that we managed to do so much in a relatively short time.

Name: Antti Rokala / Kari Hippi
Organisation: Schindler Hiss AB
Place: Rikstäckande
Which course did you have?
CPR and First Aid 

Why did you choose us? We chose First Aid because you are authorized and have good references. At the time of the training, your instructors also demonstrate high competence, pedagogical ability and commitment in passing on their knowledge.
What was the best part of the training?
Perfect distribution of theory and practice, which makes everyone well prepared and trained for direct action should the situation require it.

Name: Louise Hansen
Organisation: Berendsen Textil Service AB, Vara

What was the best part of the training?
Everything was equally good
What education did you have?
First aid including CPR with defibrillator
What do you think we can improve on?
Anything else you think we should know?
The course leader was very competent and very educational. Much of the learning depended on the course leader.

Organisation: Botkyrka Kommun
What was the best part of the training? It proceeded calmly and matter-of-factly. Everyone had the opportunity to try it out for themselves. Examples of events were given that everyone could identify with. There was room for laughter and dialogue. Staff Reaction/Feedback - This was the best training yet! It should be added that several of them have attended similar trainings on several occasions in the past.

Name: Jennifer Dula
Organisation: ABC All About Children

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for excellent service and a very enjoyable and informative training! After doing this course for our teachers approximately every two years since 2000, this has been the one, by far, that has stood out for its professionalism, engagement and quality information.

Thank you again!

Name: Mari Flanby
Organisation: Stiftelsen Martinskolan

What was the best part of the training?
That I got to revive my old skills in CPR and that we went through respiratory arrest.
What education did you have?
First aid & CPR
What do you think we can improve on?
You did a great course, can't think of anything that would have been better.
Anything else you think we should know?
That we were all refreshed after the course and gained new self-esteem and knowledge about the accident would be forthcoming.
Thank you so much for the course.

Name: Maria Thysell
Organisation: Täby kommun

What was the best part of the training?
It was clear and very informative. Good to be able to practice all the moments on each other. The instructor was calm and listened to what we had to ask. Feelings and memories that came up in the participants at certain moments were given time to ventilate.
What education did you have?
Child accidents incl. Child CPR
What do you think we can improve on?
Nothing. The group that participated were very satisfied with the entire course.



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