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Systematic fire protection work (SBA)

Systematic fire protection work means that your organization plans, trains, documents, controls and follows up the fire protection work in a building or business. Systematic fire protection work, SBA, is about protecting people and the business by mapping the risks, creating a fire protection policy, training and documenting according to the Accident Prevention Act.

At home in the villa or apartment, it may be enough to have some form of extinguishing equipment, as well as to have fire alarms installed that you regularly check and change the batteries in. No documentation is needed here. Then the systematic fire protection work gradually grows depending on the risks of a business or a building and so on.

For example, perhaps a preschool needs a simpler form of systematic fire protection work, with a very simple form of documentation of relevant parts of the fire protection, while a complex industry probably needs a more advanced systematic fire protection work and with more comprehensive documentation for this.

We can offer this in both Swedish and English. 

We offer this for all target groups, large and small:

- Office

- Construction and industry

- Public facilities

- Healthcare

- Leisure activities

- Housing associations

What does the law say?

According to ch. 2 Section 2 of the Accident Prevention Act (2003:778) (LSO), both the owner of a property and the person who conducts business there are responsible for fire protection in the building. The distribution of which parts of the fire protection are on the property owner or the person using the building is not regulated in the law, but should be agreed through a written agreement. The initiative to find out who is responsible for the various parts of the fire protection should, if it does not happen automatically, be taken by the owner, since according to the LSO he has the overall responsibility.

This means an obligation to reasonably keep life-saving equipment in case of fire and to otherwise take the necessary measures to prevent fire and to prevent or limit damage as a result of fire.

Suitable for

Everyone who must organize and document the business's fire protection work, companies & the public

Educational content

Policy, organization and rules for fire protection

Basis for control rounds and follow-up routines

Building and business description

Educational plans

Fire protection description, operating and maintenance instructions


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