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Our courses

First Aid Sweden trains all target groups throughout Sweden, county councils, companies, association activities and the general public. Our courses follow the Swedish CPR Council's guidelines on First Aid and CPR. We offer comprehensive solutions to businesses that need packages with fire safety products, training and ongoing follow-up. For those who cannot get together or work in different locations, we offer instructor-led online training.

All instructors are certified and approved according to the Swedish CPR Council. After completing the training, the participants can fill in evaluations that are always shared with the end customer, so that you can follow up on our work. We follow updates and have internal educational supervisors so that we can guarantee the same quality and education everywhere. Instructors in Mental Health First Aid are certified by NASP, National Center for Suicide Research and Prevention.

At all workplaces there is a requirement for regulations regarding First Aid in the event of an accident and acute illness and crisis support. Swedish Work Environment Authority AFS 1999:07. It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that staff receive regular training. If you are not sure which training you need, you can always contact us.

>You can also find First Aid Sweden AB's courses at utbildning.se

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During a course with First Aid Sweden 


Online training courses, 1-3 course hours

Training via Zoom with an instructor who guides you through the entire training. The course is suitable for those who work in different locations or want a rehearsal. During covid-19, the concept has grown and more people choose to supplement their knowledge with web-based training.

Suitable for: Workplaces, general public




We offer comprehensive solutions that include first aid for mental health, first aid (L-ABC), CPR training with a defibrillator, fire training and Systematic Fire Protection Work (SBA).

Suitable for: Workplaces, bigger companies and organisations


FIRST AID & CPR, L-ABCDE, 3-10 course hours

First aid & CPR is a basic training and can be booked by all types of workplaces, office, electricians, arborists, outdoor activities, etc. The course is available as L-ABC & L-ABCDE.

Suitable for: Individuals and workplaces

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), 12-14 course hours

First Aid Sweden now offers two-day training in first aid for mental health.
The training is conducted by instructors trained by NASP, Nationellt
Centrum för Suicidforskning och Prevention.

Suitable for: Individuals and workplaces

CPR Including AED, 1,5-2 course hours

CPR with a defibrillator is a course with practical training on CPR mannequins and training with a defibrillator. This is also included in the First Aid & CPR course.


Suitable forPublic: private individuals and workplaces

CPR for medical personnel (S-HLR), 4 course hours

This course can be done with a focus on children or adults. The training is suitable for all staff in healthcare, dental staff, beauty clinics, home healthcare as well as students on nursing courses.

Suitable for: Healthcare staff

Water life rescue, 7-10 course hours

Water lifesaving is a practical course for those of you who want to take a course with practical lifesaving exercises in the water - towing, retrieving from the bottom, CPR and much more.

Suitable for: Companies, associations, staff in bathhouses, etc.

First Aid & Child-CPR, 2-4 course hours

Children hurting themselves is part of development. They play, test and fall forward. During the child accident training courses, you also go through preventive measures that can be taken to minimize the risks, so that the consequences are not so serious.

Suitable for: Individuals and workplaces

Hot Work

Hot work is a modern training for everyone who stays in work environments where there is a risk of fire. The training corresponds to the requirements of the insurance companies and gives the same authority as fire protection training concerning hot work.

Suitable for: All types of workplaces

Fire Safety, 3 course hours

We can offer your business a fire training that certifies you. The training is carried out by an instructor with own experience from the rescue service. The training includes theory and practical work with various fire extinguishers.

Suitable for: All kinds of workplaces

Facility manager fire alarm

The goal of the training is for you to gain knowledge of current regulations on fire and evacuation alarms. You should also gain an insight into how you are responsible for care and maintenance being carried out.

Suitable for: Workplaces, Organizations

Instructor courses, 4-12 course hours

We can train you who want to train others. We are certified by the Swedish CPR Council and follow their instructor training program. You also have the opportunity to purchase training materials at discounted prices as a contract customer.

Suitable for: Those who want to educate others themselves

Open courses

We can offer you open courses in Stockholm where you come to us. We are located in Aspudden (Hägersten) in Stockholm. The courses are aimed at everyone. It is also suitable for employees or those who have not attended previous training.

Suitable for: Individuals and workplaces

Repetition training, 2-3 course hours

For those of you who have attended training before and need an update, you can get this through us at a reduced price. The recommendation is to update your knowledge every six months (CPR). Those of you who have previously booked training through us will receive a reminder when it is time to complete the training again.

Suitable for: Participants who attended the course no later than 6 months ago

Systematic fire protection work

Systematic fire protection work means that your organization plans, trains, documents, controls and follows up the fire protection work in a building or business according to requirements and law

Suitable for: Workplaces



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