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Practoplast makeup bag

15 920 kr
1-2 weeks delivery time
1-2 weeks delivery time
Product Description:

Practoplast makeup bag with imitation wounds, artificial blood and makeup to simulate crisis situations for first aid practice.

In order for first aid teaching to be optimal, it is necessary for students to practice their first aid knowledge in realistically simulated situations. By using Practoplast's wound injury during training, the student will not only learn to identify various traumatic injuries, but also learn to treat bleeding wounds, open fractures, burns, etc.
In a realistic simulated situation, the participant also gets mental training that helps him act in a clear -sighted way when an emergency occurs.

Practoplast imitaion wounds are attached to the skin with an accompanying latex glue. The wounds are easily removed from the skin and the glue can be pulled away or wiped off.

Bleeding from artery or vein is simulated using hose and pump found with practice kit.

Saples makeups 1-5


Tray #1
1. Hidden fracture on the lower jaw
2. Hidden fracture around eyes
3. Broken nose
4. Open rib fracture
5. Abdominal/bowel injury
6. Delivered eye

Tray #2
8. Open bone fracture
9. Open arm break
10. Animal bite
11. Cutting wounds with glass cutting
12. Wounds with large metal objects
13. Snake Bite
14. Stick wounds


Washer #3
15. Hidden bone fracture
16. Hidden arm fracture
17. Open finger break
18. Wounds at the nail bed
19. Foot injury with broken toes
20. Frost -bit tears

Washer #4
21. Third degree burn
22. Second degree burn
23. First degree burn
24. Radiation damage
25. Wounds with arterial bleeding
26. Wounds with venous bleeding

Tray #5
27. Upply wound with skin flap
28. Cross injury
29. Scrub wounds
30. Large average wound
31. Shooting wounds in
32. Shooting wounds out
33. Uploaded wound

Other content:
6 blood drops in plastic that can be glued on.
1 can of 20 blood capsules, to simulate bleeding from the mouth.
1 bottle of concentrated artificial blood, 100 g
2 empty blood bottles with beeps, 100 ml
2 plastic hoses 1.4 meters
1 bottle special adhesive, 100 ml
1 spatula
3 pcs makeup pens (red blue black)
1 masking makeup
2 plastic balloons, to simulate bleeding



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