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CGS 6 liter AVD fire extinguisher, LITHEX-6

5 279,20 kr
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Product Description:

6 liter AVD fire extinguisher is suitable for use against fires in lithium ion batteries and solid metals and for fire containment. Against fire in lithium-ion batteries that amount to 500 Wh, e.g. power tools, electric scooter, battery collections.

APPLICATION AREAS: Industry, retail, public, mechanical workshop, residential, warehouses, airports, ports, recycling stations, hospitals, battery collection, etc.

  • Fire class: Lithium-ion battery fire, solid metal fire, A fire
  • Efficiency class: 13A
  • Weight: 10.3 kg
  • Height: 522 mm
  • Diameter: 170 mm
  • Temperature range: +5 °C to +60 °C
  • Emptying time: approx. 120 seconds
  • Throw length: 1.5-2 meters
  • Propellant: Nitrogen N₂ (3% Helium)
  • Working pressure: 15 Bar
  • Extinguishing media: AVD Metal fire agent
  • Tested and approved: EN3-7, CE, Wheelmark



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