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HOLSTER Klein - Hölster HOLSTER Klein - Hölster HOLSTER Klein - Hölster HOLSTER Klein - Hölster HOLSTER Klein - Hölster

HOLSTER Klein - Holster

300 kr
Leverans ca 1-2 v
Leverans ca 1-2 v
Product Description:

Holster (extinguisher or wall mount not included)

Now you can also choose to buy the HOLSTER Klein with pre-placed holes that allow you to use it as a wall mount in environments that require a more advanced wall mount than the one included in the package.

Our holster is equipped with both a metal ring and a belt opening on the back. The metal ring is intended for guard belts that are equipped with hooks so that you can both attach and detach the holster in a couple of seconds. The belt opening on the back is intended for belts with a maximum width of 6 or 9 cm (you can open the loop and change the size).

With MAUS Xtin Klein in their belt, professional groups such as electricians, carpenters, roofers, forest contractors, security guards, etc. suddenly have fire protection so accessible and powerful that it can not only save lives but also money and a lot of time. It is not the size of the fire extinguisher that determines whether you will be successful in extinguishing the fire, but how quickly you can start the extinguishing work.

Dimensions: L 250 mm ø 70 mm
Weight: 89 g
Material: Nylon Oxford



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